Interferon-α-induced retinopathy in chronic hepatitis C treatment: summary, considerations, and recommendations

  • Zubir S. Rentiya
  • Matthew Wells
  • Junun Bae
  • Kuan-Jen Chen
  • An-Ning Chao
  • Nicholas Turgeon
  • Syed M. Shah
  • Mostafa HanoutEmail author
Review Article


Interferons are cytokines that regulate the host’s response to viral infection, particularly in the setting of the immunologic response to the hepatitis C virus (HCV). While the virus has the ability to evade the host’s innate and specific immunity, exogenous interferon-α with combined ribavirin, treatments have been found to achieve a significant sustained viral response in subgroups of patients with chronic HCV. One of the major side effects of interferon-α is an ocular retinopathy characterized by flame-shaped hemorrhages and cotton wool spots visualized on funduscopic examination. There have been documented cases of more severe side effects including optic nerve and retinal artery damage; however, these instances are the minority. We sought to investigate the literature surrounding interferon-induced retinopathy, clinically correlate our findings with two recent cases, and provide recommendations for practitioners who continue to manage chronic HCV patients using interferon-α with combined ribavirin treatments.


Interferon Retinopathy Hepatitis C Macular edema Neuropathy Optical coherence tomography Ocular toxicity Fundoscopic imaging 


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