Spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging of mucopolysaccharidoses I, II, IV A, and VI

  • Yuan-Chieh LeeEmail author
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Enzyme Replacement Therapy Retinitis Pigmentosa Cystoid Macular Edema Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging Outer Nuclear Layer 
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Informed patient consent and IRB approval (IRB103-162-A) were obtained for the study.


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  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyBuddhist Tzu Chi General HospitalHualienTaiwan
  2. 2.Department of Ophthalmology and Visual ScienceTzu Chi UniversityHualienTaiwan
  3. 3.Institute of Medical ScienceTzu Chi UniversityHualienTaiwan
  4. 4.Department of OphthalmologyNational Taiwan University HospitalTaipeiTaiwan

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