A simulated eye for vitreous surgery using Japanese quail eggs




We produced a simulated eye for vitreous surgery training by using Japanese quail eggs, and verified its utility.


We used a special cutter to cut off the sharp end of a Japanese quail egg, fitted a silicone simulated sclerocorneal cap to the exposed area, and fixed the egg to a base. Trocars were placed in the simulated sclera according to the usual procedure for vitreous surgery, and the yolk and albumen were treated as the vitreous body, and resected by using a vitreous cutter. Membrane peeling was performed on the inner eggshell membrane as if it were the internal limiting membrane.


The yolk and albumen could be resected with a vitreous cutter in the same way as the vitreous body. The inner eggshell membrane could be visualized under staining with Brilliant Blue G and other stains, enabling peeling to be performed with vitreous forceps in the same way as is normally performed for the human internal limiting membrane.


This model can be used for simulating the spatial recognition of the vitreous chamber during vitreous surgery. This model proved useful for initial training in port creation, central vitreous body resection, and membrane manipulation in the macular area.


Vitrectomy Simulated eye Surgical training 



The authors thank Mr Jiro Hidaka (HOYA Corp, Tokyo, Japan) and Mr. Shinsuke Toyomura (HOYA Corp, Tokyo, Japan) for their technical assistance.

This project was supported by “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)”


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  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologySaga University Faculty of MedicineSagaJapan

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