Optical coherence tomography in optic pit maculopathy managed with vitrectomy–laser–gas

  • José García-Arumí
  • Borja Corcóstegui Guraya
  • Ana Boixadera Espax
  • Vicente Martínez Castillo
  • Laura Sararols Ramsay
  • R. Max Motta
Clinical Investigation



Optic disc pit (ODP) maculopathy has a poor visual prognosis if left to its natural course. Several therapeutic approaches have been attempted. The cases of 11 patients evaluated with optical coherence tomography (OCT) and treated with vitrectomy–laser–gas and their functional and anatomical outcomes are presented.


Retrospective interventional consecutive case series, including 11 eyes with ODP maculopathy. Pre- and postoperative best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), OCT and angiography were recorded. All patients underwent pars plana vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid dissection peripapillary diode laser prior to retinal reapplication and C3F8 15% injection.


Mean preoperative BCVA was 20/126. Median preoperative BCVA was 1.0 LogMAR (range 1.3–0.4) . Eighty-two per cent of patients gained 2 or more Snellen lines of vision (mean 4.4 lines gained). Mean final BCVA was 20/32, and median final BCVA was 20/30 in Snellen VA and 0.2 in LogMAR (range 0.7–0) Preoperative OCT in all but one case confirmed the bilaminar structure of the macular detachment. Postoperative OCT helped in monitoring reabsorption of the macular detachment, which was achieved in all cases after an average of 6.5 months post-surgery. BCVA increased progressively as the subretinal fluid was reabsorbed (P=0.006). Mean duration of postoperative follow-up was 15 months. Recurrence was observed in two cases.


In our series, the vitrectomy–laser–gas procedure for ODP maculopathy improved vision and achieved satisfactory anatomic results in all 11 cases. OCT was useful in the diagnosis and follow-up of this pathology. However, the low incidence of this entity makes it difficult to obtain series large enough to determine the efficacy of the vitrectomy–laser–gas procedure and other treatment modalities and be able to suggest a procedure of choice.


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