Journal of Neurology

, Volume 253, Issue 9, pp 1197–1202

Dural sinus thrombosis in spontaneous intracranial hypotension

Hypotheses on possible mechanisms
  • Mario Savoiardo
  • Silvia Armenise
  • Pantaleo Spagnolo
  • Tiziana De Simone
  • Maria Luisa Mandelli
  • Alessandra Marcone
  • Giancarlo Morciano
  • Cosma Andreula
  • Eliana Mea
  • Massimo Leone
  • Luisa Chiapparini


Dural sinus thrombosis (DST) is rarely associated with spontaneous intracranial hypotension (SIH). Engorgement of the venous system, caused by the CSF loss that occurs in SIH, is considered to favour the thrombosis, although signs of both SIH and DST are usually seen simultaneously at the first diagnostic MRI. We observed two patients with SIH and DST. Changes in pattern of headaches and MRI findings demonstrated that DST followed SIH. In SIH, the velocity of the blood flow in the dural sinuses may be reduced because of dilatation of the venous system which compensates the CSF loss. Other possible mechanisms seem unlikely on the grounds of both clinical presentation and MRI studies.


spontaneous intracranial hypotension CSF loss dural sinus thrombosis venous hypervolemia blood flow velocity 


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  • Mario Savoiardo
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  • Silvia Armenise
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  • Pantaleo Spagnolo
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  • Tiziana De Simone
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  • Maria Luisa Mandelli
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  • Alessandra Marcone
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  • Giancarlo Morciano
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  • Cosma Andreula
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  • Eliana Mea
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  • Massimo Leone
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  • Luisa Chiapparini
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  6. 6.Department of NeurologyIstituto Nazionale Neurologico “C. Besta”Italy

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