Double rarity: an unusual case of bromoform poisoning detected by post-mortem radiography

  • Marna du PlessisEmail author
  • Izelle Möller
  • Linda Liebenberg
Case Report


Bromoform ingestion and toxicity is a rare finding. Historically, bromoform was therapeutically prescribed as a sedative in whooping cough, and accidental overdoses occurred mainly in children. Bromoform is used in various industries. In the twenty-first century, bromoform ingestion can occur in the form of chlorinated water such as in pools and drinking water. We present a case report where the initial history and circumstances of death were unknown. A pre-autopsy full-body X-ray image using the Lodox® Xmplar-dr scanner revealed a dense radiopaque material in the stomach and intestines. This radiological finding proved vital in the approach and subsequent follow-up of the case.


Bromoform Forensic Radiology Post-mortem Lodox® 



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