Radiation and Environmental Biophysics

, Volume 45, Issue 3, pp 179–185

Human biokinetics of strontium—part II: Final data evaluation of intestinal absorption and urinary excretion of strontium in human subjects after stable tracer administration

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DOI: 10.1007/s00411-006-0057-0

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Höllriegl, V., Li, W.B. & Oeh, U. Radiat Environ Biophys (2006) 45: 179. doi:10.1007/s00411-006-0057-0


Fractional intestinal absorption (f1 value) and urinary excretion of strontium in healthy human volunteers has been measured by simultaneous oral and intravenous administration of the stable isotopes 86Sr and 84Sr using the double-isotope method. Final evaluation of the complete data set confirmed that ingestion of different foodstuff and nutritional factors could influence the fractional gut uptake of strontium. In some cases, significant deviations from the f1 value adopted by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) were found. The arithmetic mean (± standard deviation) of the f1 values of all experiments performed was determined to be 0.46 (± 0.24). The probability distribution function of the f1 values is represented by a lognormal curve with a geometric mean of 0.38 and a geometric standard deviation of 2.06. Urinary excretion in all subjects varied depending on the administered foodstuff in a wide range and differs from the ICRP model, up to 2 days after tracer administration. No age or gender dependence of the absorbed strontium fraction and of the urinary excretion of strontium after an oral load was found.

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  1. 1.GSF-National Research Center for Environment and HealthInstitute of Radiation ProtectionNeuherbergGermany

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