Middle Ordovician subduction of continental crust in the Scandinavian Caledonides: an example from Tjeliken, Seve Nappe Complex, Sweden

  • Kathrin Fassmer
  • Iwona Klonowska
  • Katarzyna Walczak
  • Barbro Andersson
  • Nikolaus Froitzheim
  • Jarosław Majka
  • Raúl O. C. Fonseca
  • Carsten Münker
  • Marian Janák
  • Martin Whitehouse
Original Paper


The Seve Nappe Complex of the Scandinavian Caledonides is thought to be derived from the distal passive margin of Baltica which collided with Laurentia in the Scandian Phase of the Caledonian Orogeny at 430–400 Ma. Parts of the Seve Nappe Complex were affected by pre-Scandian high- and ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism, in a tectonic framework that is still unclear, partly due to uncertainties about the exact timing. Previous age determinations yielded between ~ 505 and ~ 446 Ma, with a general trend of older ages in the North (Norrbotten) than in the South (Jämtland). New age determinations were performed on eclogite and garnet–phengite gneiss at Tjeliken in northern Jämtland. Thermodynamic modelling yielded peak metamorphic conditions of 25–27 kbar/680–760 °C for the garnet–phengite gneiss, similar to published peak metamorphic conditions of the eclogite (25–26 kbar/650–700 °C). Metamorphic rims of zircons from the garnet–phengite gneiss were dated using secondary ion mass spectrometry and yielded a concordia age of 458.9 ± 2.5 Ma. Lu–Hf garnet-whole rock dating yielded 458 ± 1.0 Ma for the eclogite. Garnet in the eclogite shows prograde major-element zoning and concentration of Lu in the cores, indicating that this age is related to garnet growth during pressure increase, i.e. subduction. The identical ages from both rock types, coinciding with published Sm–Nd ages from the eclogite, confirm subduction of the Seve Nappe Complex in Northern Jämtland during the Middle Ordovician in a fast subduction–exhumation cycle.


Scandinavian Caledonides Seve Nappe Complex Subduction Eclogite U–Pb zircon Lu–Hf garnet 



We thank F. Corfu and an anonymous reviewer for their constructive comments on the manuscript. This research was supported by the National Science Centre (Poland) CALSUB project no. 2014/14/E/ST10/00321 to J. M. and K. W., and DFG-Grant FR700/18-1 to N. F. This is NORDSIM publication no. 529 and contribution no. 47 of the DFG-funded LA-ICP-MS Laboratory at the Steinmann Institute for Geosciences, University of Bonn, Germany.


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