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Timing of eclogite facies metamorphism in the southernmost Scandinavian Caledonides by Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd geochronology

  • Matthijs A. SmitEmail author
  • Erik E. Scherer
  • Michael Bröcker
  • Herman L. M. van Roermund
Original Paper


The Scandinavian Caledonides contain several non-cogenetic eclogite-bearing terranes that were metamorphosed before the main orogenic stage in Scandian time (430–395 Ma). Although petrological and geochronological data from these terranes have provided essential information on the geodynamic history of the Caledonian orogenic cycle, the general picture is still patchy. To refine existing geodynamic models, we have dated the eclogite occurrence in the Jæren nappe, SW Norway, by Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd geochronology. Five out of the six studied samples provide a weighted mean Lu–Hf age of 469.9 ± 1.2 Ma (±2σ). One sample provided a significantly younger age of 457.9 ± 2.4 Ma. Garnet from the younger sample grew exclusively at eclogite facies conditions. In contrast, garnet from the other samples comprises prograde cores and peak metamorphic rims. Age estimates that take Lu-contributions of each zone into account provide an age of 471.0 ± 0.9 Ma for the cores and suggest a ca. 455 Ma age for the rims, which is identical to the bulk-garnet age of the younger sample. The same pattern is indicated by Sm–Nd ages, although these are relatively imprecise and reflect isotopic disturbance during thermal overprinting upon exhumation. The data define a new high-pressure age population for the Scandinavian Caledonides, which allows more detailed insight into the subduction history that affected the Baltoscandian margin before Scandian continental collision. Furthermore, this study highlights the potential complexities involved in garnet geochronology and shows the strength of Lu–Hf dating for unraveling the geochronological record of HP rocks.


Eclogite Geochronology Lu–Hf Sm–Nd Caledonides Norway 



We thank J. Berndt for assistance on the EPMA and the LA-ICP-MS, M. Menneken for help on the Raman spectrometer, E. Janots for constructive criticism, and E. Kooijman for her efforts in the field. Thanks are also due to P. Löbke for sample preparation and H. Baier for her kind help in the laboratory. We acknowledge C. Maijer for providing us with crucial information on the field locality and F. Corfu for generously sharing his preliminary U–Pb results. The constructive reviews of T. J. Lapen and B.R. Hacker and editorial handling by J. Hoefs were highly appreciated. Financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is gratefully acknowledged (grant BR 1068/14-1).

Supplementary material

410_2009_440_MOESM1_ESM.pdf (4.1 mb)
Fig. 1 Representative photomicrographs of garnet and omphacite separates analyzed in this study. The scale bar applies to all photomicrographs
410_2009_440_MOESM2_ESM.pdf (4.2 mb)
Fig. 2 Composition of representative garnet grains from samples MS03005, MS08010, MS08013b, and MS09001, which were used for modeling: a: Ca X-ray maps illustrating the spatial distribution of the transition between individual garnet zones (solid black lines, unmarked Ca maps are shown in Supplementary Fig. 3) and the spots measured by LA-ICP-MS; b: V, Y, and stacked REE profiles; c: CI-normalized REE diagrams. Enlargements of the Lu and Sm profiles can be found in Supplementary Fig. 6
410_2009_440_MOESM3_ESM.pdf (4.3 mb)
Fig. 3 X-ray maps of garnet grains selected for age modeling (*) and of other garnet grains from the dated samples: a: Ca; b: Fe; c: Mg; d: Mn. Scale bars are 150 μm
410_2009_440_MOESM4_ESM.pdf (1.7 mb)
Fig. 4 CI-chondrite-normalized REE diagram showing the results for omphacite in different samples
410_2009_440_MOESM5_ESM.pdf (2.9 mb)
Fig. 5 Comparison of the Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd age data from this study and age estimates for (U)HP metamorphism in other eclogite-bearing units in the Scandinavian Caledonides. The HP stage from the studied rocks is generalized to 470-455 Ma, corresponding to the onset of the main eclogite stage (M 2 A , outlined) and the youngest Lu–Hf age (457.9 ± 2.4 Ma, sample MS03005). Grey areas in the plot display the 2 SD range (Lindås nappe, WGC), the weighted mean ± 2 SD (JVT, NT), or the best estimate (Tromsø nappe) of the age determinations per (U)HP unit. Data from terranes besides the Jæren nappe are taken from the references as cited in the figure. References that are not included in the main text are given in full
410_2009_440_MOESM6_ESM.pdf (3.2 mb)
Fig. 6 Modeled elemental contributions by different garnet zones for Lu (a-c) and Sm (d-f): The elemental distribution of Lu (a) and Sm (d); the concentration of Lu (b) and Sm (e) multiplied by the incremental volume (dV); the relative contribution of Lu (c) and Sm (f) for the three garnet zones grt-1a, grt-1b, and grt-2. For figure clarity, error bars have been omitted
410_2009_440_MOESM7_ESM.doc (30 kb)
Table 1 UTM coordinates of the studied samples provided in the WGS (World Geodetic System) 1984 coordinate system
410_2009_440_MOESM8_ESM.doc (136 kb)
Table 2 Lu and Sm distributions in garnet grains selected for age modeling. The axis label ‘Distance from start’ marks the distance between the start of the line-scan and the position of an analysis projected onto a line through the core of the analyzed grain
410_2009_440_MOESM9_ESM.doc (22 kb)
Text 1 Methods and assumptions for modeling of relative Lu- and Sm contributions by different zones in zoned garnet


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  • Michael Bröcker
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  • Herman L. M. van Roermund
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