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High-pressure/ultrahigh-pressure eclogites from the Hong’an Block, East-Central China: geochemical characterization, isotope disequilibrium and geochronological controversy

  • Bor-ming JahnEmail author
  • Xiaochun Liu
  • Tzen-Fu Yui
  • N. Morin
  • M. Bouhnik-Le Coz
Original Paper


The Hong’an Block (western Dabieshan) exposes a series of HP/UHP metamorphic rocks, with a S-to-N distribution from blueschist–greenschist, kyanite-free, to kyanite- and coesite-bearing eclogites. The available age data are inconclusive that hinder our understanding of the tectonic evolution of the Block. The metamorphic temperatures in the Hong’an Block (Tmeta ≈ 700 to 500°C) are lower by 50–150°C than that of the Dabie and Sulu terranes. In this work, we undertook new trace element and Sr–Nd–O isotopic analyses on minerals in order to gain more insight into the geochronological problems. The results are as follows: (1) Trace element distribution patterns suggest that garnet and omphacite in many cases are out of chemical equilibrium; and the presence of high-temperature LREE-rich mineral inclusions (e.g., epidote) in garnet and omphacite has contributed to isotope disequilibrium. (2) Sm–Nd isotope analyses yielded no isochron ages for the Hong’an eclogites. (3) Rb–Sr isotope analyses gave mixed results; in some cases, coexisting minerals are completely out of isotope equilibrium, and in others, isochron relationship is established, yielding ages from 210 Ma to 225 Ma. The pattern of Rb–Sr isotope disequilibrium appears to be independent of the petrological and O-isotope temperatures. (4) In contrast to the unequilibrated Sm–Nd isotopic systems, oxygen isotopes of the eclogite minerals seem to have attained isotope equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Oxygen isotope temperatures are comparable with petrological temperatures. However, this is an apparent feature due to mass balance constraints. (5) Whole-rock δ18O values show a large variation from +10‰ to −8‰, suggesting that their protoliths have undergone very different processes of water–rock interaction. In view of the overall geochronological information, we conclude that the HP/UHP metamorphism in the Hong’an Block took place in the Triassic at about 220–230 Ma, as observed in the Dabie and Sulu terranes. The significance of published Paleozoic dates (450–300 Ma) for the Xiongdian eclogite is not clear. However, any hypotheses advocating two periods of UHP metamorphic events for the same tectonic unit or in the same locality are not constrained by the geochronological data.


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Joël Macé ably assisted in mass spectrometric analyses reported herein. Klaus Mezger and Yong-Fei Zheng reviewed the manuscript and made many constructive suggestions for clarification and improvement of the final draft. The senior author (BmJ) was initially supported by grants from the French CNRS-INSU. The NSC-Taiwan grants (NSC91-2811-M-002-012, NSC92-2811-M-002-056 and NSC92-2116-M-002-024) allowed him to complete this work. Xiaochun Liu was supported by the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (TG1999075505), Geological Investigation Project of China Geological Survey (200013000169) and Free Research Project of MLR (2002406). He was further supported by the National Science Council of Taiwan for the final preparation of the manuscript. T.F. Yui acknowledges the constant support of NSC.

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