Prof. Heinz Stammberger, MD (Hon. FRCS (Ed.), Hon. FRCS (Engl.), Hon. FACS) December 1st 1946–December 9th 2018


Heinz Stammberger was born on December 1st 1946 in Hochstadt am Main in Germany. After graduating from highschool in Köln-Nippes in 1966, he studied medicine at Graz Medical University in Austria and earned his doctorate in 1973. After 2 years of basic medical training in Villach, he started his residency in July 1975 at the ENT University Clinic in Graz under guidance of Professor Dr. Walter Messerklinger. Prof. Messerklinger was interested in the physiology of the nose and sinuses and the mechanisms of ciliary transport within the sinuses. His pioneering research using stained mucus and micro- and endoscopes to follow the natural pathways of mucus transport within the sinuses towards the natural ostium led to the development of a new endoscopic surgical technique for the treatment of chronic sinusitis. In the years to follow, this technique should become the worldwide surgical standard of care known as functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). The young resident Heinz Stammberger...

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