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, Volume 265, Issue 3, pp 377–380

Parotid localized Castleman’s disease and HHV-8 infection: a case report

  • Elisabetta Caselli
  • Davide Padovani
  • Roberto Di Carlo
  • Enrico Grandi
  • Monica Galvan
  • Enzo Cassai
  • Antonio Pastore
Case Report


Castleman’s disease (CD) is an unusual massive proliferation of lymphoid tissue distinct in two clinical forms, localized and multicentric. The multicentric form has been related to human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8), especially in HIV-infected patients, whereas the localized form of CD is still unrelated to viral pathogens. We report a case of a HIV-negative 16-year-old male referred to our hospital with a 12-month history of a painless swelling in his right parotid region. A parotidectomy was performed, and histological analysis evidenced a localized CD. The search for HHV-8 revealed an active virus infection. The patient was commenced on corticosteroid therapy and a follow-up was performed every 6 months. The patient was commenced on corticosteroid therapy and there has been no recurrence after 24 months. The authors report a case of localized parotid CD in a patient with evidence of an active HHV-8 infection. The results of this study does for the first time suggest an association between HHV-8 and localized CD in HIV-negative subjects.


Castleman’s disease Parotid gland Human herpesvirus-8 Angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia Viral infection 


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  • Elisabetta Caselli
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  • Davide Padovani
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  • Roberto Di Carlo
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  • Enrico Grandi
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  • Monica Galvan
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  • Enzo Cassai
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  • Antonio Pastore
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