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Uterus transplantation: advantages and disadvantages of a deceased donor

  • Iori KisuEmail author
  • Kouji Banno
  • Yusuke Matoba
  • Daisuke Aoki
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Dear Editor,

First successful livebirth following uterus transplantation (UTx) from a deceased donor was recently reported by Ejzenberg et al. [1]. In 2014, Brännström et al. achieved the first successful delivery after UTx from a live donor [2]. To date, more than 50 UTx procedures have been performed worldwide, leading to more than 10 newborns after UTx from live donors. However, the report of successful livebirth after UTx from a deceased donor increases the potential of UTx for women with uterine factor infertility (UFI).

Most UTx procedures use a uterus from a live donor, but living-to-living UTx is a highly invasive surgery. Brännström et al. perfected their surgical technique in animal experiments for more than 10 years and conducted clinical studies of UTx in many women; however, the time of donor surgery in the first trial was still ~ 10 h and the blood loss was high [3]. This is because an extremely precise surgical procedure is required to remove a part of the deep uterine...


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