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Thermal balloon endometrial ablation: a systematic review

  • C. Iavazzo
  • N. Salakos
  • K. Bakalianou
  • N. Vitoratos
  • G. Vorgias
  • A. Liapis
Review Article



The aim of our study is to review the role of thermal balloon endometrial ablation (TBEA) as an alternative in treating abnormal uterine bleeding.


Articles relevant to our review and relevant references from the initially identified articles on the field that were archived by May 2007, were retrieved from Pubmed.


Success rates ranged from 83 up to 94%, with patient’s satisfaction ranging from 57 up to 94%. Persisted menorrhagia could reach 17% in some studies.


TBEA is an effective alternative method used in the treatment of menorrhagea which results in a significant reduction in menstrual bleeding and high satisfaction rates. However, a longer follow-up is required to determine the role of such a treatment.


Thermal balloon endometrial ablation (TBEA) Metrorrhagia Dysfunctional uterine bleeding 


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