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In search of oral psoriasis

  • P. D. Yesudian
  • R. J. G. Chalmers
  • R. B. Warren
  • C. E. M. Griffiths
Review Article


Even though psoriasis is a common skin disorder, reports of it involving the oral cavity are exceedingly rare, with less than 100 publications in the literature. Biopsy-proven oral psoriasis has been reported in the oral medical literature, but the commonest oral mucosal findings in most studies are associated non-specific features including fissured and geographic tongue. Case series on this entity have not provided any definitive data to support its existence. From the evidence available to date, it is still unclear if oral psoriasis is a distinct entity or if, indeed, it exists.


Oral psoriasis Oral manifestations and psoriasis Mucocutaneous psoriasis 


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