On-table decision-making in intracapsular hip fracture surgery: mid-term results of a pilot study

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At the present time, it is generally recommended to use hip replacement in dislocated fractures to avoid failure after internal fixation. A problem is that previous research has demonstrated that observers have problems in discriminating between dislocated and undislocated fractures. A possible solution to this problem would be to use arthroplasty in the majority of the cases. However, this also means that many fractures with the potential for uneventful healing would be replaced.

Materials and methods

In the current investigation, the mid-term outcome was recorded for patients with intracapsular hip fractures who were treated with either internal fixation or arthroplasty. A novel treatment algorithm was employed. After careful exclusion of cases with known risk factors for failure after internal fixation, a technique called on-table decision was used to identify suitable patients for internal fixation.


A total of 72 patients with intracapsular hip fractures were studied with a median follow-up time of 12 months (IQR 8–15.25 months). Nineteen (19) patients (26 %) were excluded in the selection process, leaving 53 (74 %) for on-table decision-making. Thirty patients (42 %) were identified as suitable for internal fixation and gave anatomically stable closed reductions. Two of these patients (7 %) exhibited non-unions and one (3 %) avascular necrosis.


The mid-term outcome after internal fixation is promising. The careful selection process may be helpful in identifying fracture patterns for which internal fixation may be considered as a safe and less invasive alternative to hip arthroplasty.

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Correspondence to Maximilian J. Hartel.

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Maximilian J. Hartel and Shahab Maafi Mandani contributed equally and therefore share first authorship.

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