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Meniscal tear repaired with Fast-Fix sutures: clinical results in stable versus ACL-deficient knees

  • A. Tucciarone
  • L. Godente
  • R. Fabbrini
  • L. Garro
  • F. Salate Santone
  • Claudio ChillemiEmail author
Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine



The aim of this prospective study was to analyze the results of meniscal tears repaired with Fast-Fix All-inside suture in stable versus anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)-deficient knees.


Forty patients, everybody professional players, all underwent arthroscopic surgery, were divided into two groups and followed-up for at least 24 months. Group A (stable knee affected with isolated meniscal tears) consisted of 20 patients treated exclusively with Fast-Fix suture. Group B (ACL-deficient knees affected with meniscal tears) consisted of 20 patients in which we performed a Fast-Fix suture with concurrent ACL reconstruction (hamstring duplicated). Comparing both Groups together, we have noticed that the good clinical result of meniscal sutures with ACL reconstruction associated has occurred faster than isolated meniscal suture, regardless of the meniscus, the knee, and age of the patient. In fact 6 months after surgery, in Group A, there was a success by 65% against 85% for the Group B with 8.3 points International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) difference in favor of the latter. Whereas 24 months after surgery, the percentage was increased achieving 90% in Group A and 95% in Group B with 12.6 points IKDC difference in favor of the Group B. A statistical analysis of variable, both after 6 and 24 months, showed a significant improvement of knee conditions for patients with ACL reconstruction.


In conclusion, other than observing the better results in meniscal tears with ACL-deficient knee, we observed that among all cases the best healing occurred in patients affected by meniscal longitudinal vertical tears located in Red–Red zone of external meniscus with an extension of 10 mm in ACL-deficient knee, treated with Fast-Fix suture and ACL reconstruction associated.


Knee injury Meniscal tears Meniscal suture ACL-deficient knee ACL reconstruction 


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  • L. Godente
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  • R. Fabbrini
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  • L. Garro
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  • F. Salate Santone
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  • Claudio Chillemi
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