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Our clinical experience on calcaneal bone cysts: 36 cysts in 33 patients

  • O. Polat
  • Y. Sağlık
  • H. E. Adıgüzel
  • M. Arıkan
  • H. Y. Yıldız
Orthopaedic Surgery



Solitary bone cysts are lesions of benign nature with fluid content. The frequent locations for these cysts are the proximal femur or humerus. Rarely, they may occur in locations such as the calcaneus, mostly in adults. We have reported the second largest case series of calcaneal bone cysts.

Materials and methods

Thirty-six calcaneal cysts in 33 patients, 3 of which showed bilateral involvement, diagnosed, and followed between 1995 and 2008 in our clinic were retrospectively evaluated.


The third most common location was the calcaneus, with cysts in 36 (14%) patients. The age range of the patients was 13–74 years (mean, 37.9 years). The complaints of the patients upon presentation to the hospital were heel pain in 16 patients (44.4%). Eighteen patients (50%) underwent surgical treatment, of these ten patients (27.7%) were treated with curettage and autogenous iliac wing grafting.


Simple bone cysts with the location of calcaneus are not a rare entity. According to our series, simple bone cysts have been shown to be typically located in the calcaneus bone in middle-aged patients in particular. Furthermore, in such patients, heel pain is considerably severe, which is a symptom to be kept in mind in differential diagnosis. Curettage and autogenous grafting is the successful method of treatment and it provides good results.


Bone Cyst Calcaneus 


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    • 1
  • Y. Sağlık
    • 2
  • H. E. Adıgüzel
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  • M. Arıkan
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  • H. Y. Yıldız
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