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Comparable myelinated nerve pathology in feline and human diabetes mellitus

  • Andrew P. Mizisin
  • Richard W. Nelson
  • B. K. Sturges
  • Karen M. Vernau
  • Richard A. LeCouteur
  • D. Colette Williams
  • Monica L. Burgers
  • G. Diane Shelton
Original Paper


The occurrence of diabetic neuropathy in cats provides an opportunity to study the development and treatment of neurological complications not present in diabetic rodent models, where few pathological alterations are evident. The present study further defines pathological alterations in nerve biopsies from 12 cats with spontaneously occurring diabetes mellitus. Peroneal nerve biopsies displayed concurrent injury to both Schwann cells and axons of myelinated fibers that was remarkably similar to that present in human diabetic neuropathy. In addition to demyelination, remyelination (constituting 20–84% of the total myelinated fiber population) was indicated by fibers with inappropriately thin myelin sheaths. Unlike our previous investigations, striking axonal injury was apparent, and consisted of dystrophic accumulations of membranous debris or neurofilaments, as well as degenerative fiber loss resulting in a 50% decrease in myelinated fiber density. In spite of extensive fiber loss, regenerative clusters were apparent, suggesting that axonal regeneration was not completely frustrated. These data highlight the potential utility of feline diabetic neuropathy as a model that faithfully replicates the nerve injury in human diabetes mellitus.


Axonal degeneration Axonal regeneration Axon-Schwann-cell networks Feline diabetic neuropathy Segmental demyelination Remyelination 


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  • Richard W. Nelson
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  • B. K. Sturges
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  • Karen M. Vernau
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  • Richard A. LeCouteur
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  • D. Colette Williams
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