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Miniature universal testing platform: from extensional melt rheology to solid-state deformation behavior

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Described is a detachable fixture for a rotational rheometer, the Sentmanat Extensional Rheometer Universal Testing Platform, which incorporates dual wind-up drums to ensure a truly uniform extensional deformation during uniaxial extension experiments on polymers melts and elastomers. Although originally developed as an extensional rheometer, this highly versatile miniature test platform is capable of converting a conventional rotational rheometer host system into a single universal testing station able to characterize a host of physical properties on a variety of polymer melts and solid-state materials over a very wide range of temperatures and kinematic deformations and rates. Experimental results demonstrating these various testing capabilities are presented for a series of polymers of varying macrostructure and physical states.


Rotational rheometer Uniform extensional deformation Single universal testing station Polymer melts Solid-state materials Extensional Rheometer 



The author would like to gratefully acknowledge Xpansion Instruments, LLC for granting access to the use of their equipment and Prof. Gareth McKinley of MIT for providing the BASF Lupolen 1840H material for extensional flow characterization. Extreme gratitude is also expressed to Prof. Savvas Hatzikiriakos of the University of British Columbia and Prof. John M. Dealy and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Chunxia He of McGill University for their helpful discussions during the preparation of this manuscript.


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