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Consequences of the effect of matrix elasticity on the rotation of droplet pairs for collision efficiency

  • Ivan Fortelný
  • Josef Jůza
Original Contribution


The theory of flow-induced coalescence in viscoelastic matrix considering the effect of the matrix elasticity on the approach and rotation of coalescing droplets is derived. The study compares collision efficiencies, i.e. probabilities that the droplet collision will be followed by their fusion, P c, calculated by means of equations for the droplet rotation in viscoelastic and Newtonian matrixes. It has been found that P c slightly increases with relaxation time of the matrix for shear flow-induced coalescence, but strongly decreases for extensional flow-induced coalescence.


Coalescence Viscoelasticity Shear flow Extensional flow Polymer blends 



The authors are grateful to the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic for financial support by grant no. P106/11/1069.


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