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Magnetic particle nanorheology

  • Eric Roeben
  • Lisa Roeder
  • Sandra Teusch
  • Marc Effertz
  • Ulrich K. Deiters
  • Annette M. Schmidt
Short Communication


We investigate the employment of AC susceptometry as a novel method to extract frequency- and scale-dependent rheological properties of soft materials. The approach makes use of the interrelation between the magnetic susceptibility of magnetically blocked tracer particles and the mechanical modulus of the matrix as experienced on the particle scale. We report susceptibility measurements on aqueous solutions of ethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, or poly-(ethylene glycol), using CoFe2O4 nanoparticles as tracer particles, in the frequency range of 1 Hz–250 kHz. Frequency-dependent rheological properties, including viscosity and loss moduli, of the solutions were obtained by applying an extended Debye relaxation model and a method analogous to the Gemant-DiMarzio-Bishop approach.


AC susceptometry Microrheology Scale-dependent viscosity Blocked nanoparticles 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Eric Roeben
    • 1
  • Lisa Roeder
    • 1
  • Sandra Teusch
    • 1
  • Marc Effertz
    • 1
  • Ulrich K. Deiters
    • 1
  • Annette M. Schmidt
    • 1
  1. 1.Department für Chemie, Institut für Physikalische ChemieUniversität zu KölnKölnGermany

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