Clinical Research in Cardiology

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Correction to: Integrating basic science in academic cardiology training: two international perspectives on a common challenge

  • Michael F. BodeEmail author
  • Ingo Hilgendorf

Correction to: Clinical Research in Cardiology

Unfortunately, the + and − signs marking the benefits and challenges in Table 1 have been omitted during the typesetting of the article.

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The corrected Table 1 is provided below:
Table 1

Benefits and challenges of German and US curricula for physician–scientists in cardiology

Career steps



Getting an appetite

+ Medical students can write a MD thesis in less time than a full PhD

− Highly variable scientific quality of MD thesis

+ Many students earn a bachelor degree in life sciences prior to attending Medical School

− Basic research during medical school is typically restricted to MD/PhD programs

Protected time during training

Postdoc fellowships and physician–scientist programs offered by universities and foundations

+ Flexible in terms of timing of application and combination with clinical training

+ International experience

− Lower income than clinicians

American Board of Internal Medicine certified combined clinical/science education tracks

+ Structured training; fellowship spot and some funding often guaranteed

− Less flexible, early dedication to such a program required

Career options

+ Growing number of professorships for physician–scientists, some with dual appointment in clinics

− Challenge to balance research and clinical duties, especially when being interventional

+ More grants for salary support

+ More flexible solutions in regards to clinical obligations

− Salary more susceptible to cuts in public research funding

− Large income gap to full-time clinicians

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