Clinical Research in Cardiology

, Volume 103, Issue 12, pp 955–967

Cardiovascular sequelae of radiation therapy

  • Francesco Santoro
  • Nicola Tarantino
  • Pier Luigi Pellegrino
  • Marica Caivano
  • Agostino Lopizzo
  • Matteo Di Biase
  • Natale Daniele Brunetti


Radiotherapy (RT) is one of the main therapeutic options for malignancy treatment; nevertheless, RT is not free from side effects, including an increased risk for secondary neoplasms and other organs injury. Cardiovascular complications are the second most frequent fatal post-RT sequelae, which physicians should be aware of and ready to diagnose early and cure. This review therefore aims to examine epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinical dose-correlated manifestations of RT-induced cardiovascular disease. Future perspectives on screening, prevention and treatment are also provided.


Radiotherapy Cardiovascular complications Ionizing radiations Cardiovascular disease Cancer 


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