Clinical Research in Cardiology

, Volume 102, Issue 11, pp 785–797 | Cite as

Drug-coated balloons for treatment of coronary artery disease: updated recommendations from a consensus group

  • Franz X. Kleber
  • Harald Rittger
  • Klaus Bonaventura
  • Uwe Zeymer
  • Jochen Wöhrle
  • Raban Jeger
  • Benny Levenson
  • Sven Möbius-Winkler
  • Leonhard Bruch
  • Dieter Fischer
  • Christian Hengstenberg
  • Tudor Pörner
  • Detlef Mathey
  • Bruno Scheller



Drug-coated balloon catheters (DCB) are a new clinical treatment modality for coronary and peripheral artery disease. The goal of the consensus group is to develop recommendations for the clinical use of DCB based on randomized clinical trials and the best available clinical evidence. The present paper gives an update on the recommendations against the background of a variety of new data published since the first paper was presented.

Methods and results

The general concept of our recommendations for the coronary use of DCB includes the preparation of the lesion to facilitate drug delivery and to estimate the need for stent implantation, especially after relevant dissections. Lesion preparation includes conventional angioplasty. In more complex lesions, additional treatments and imaging or functional measurements are helpful. In case of no flow-limiting dissection and an acceptable but not stent-like primary result, DCB use without additional stent implantation may be considered. The proposed advantages of the DCB only concept over a direct stent approach include reduced restenosis rates in indications where DES show limited efficacy, the reduction of DAPT especially in patients with contraindications for prolonged DAPT, and the option of leaving no foreign object behind resulting in vascular restoration with potentially plaque regression instead of neo-atherosclerosis.


DCB allow for local drug delivery in endovascular therapy leaving no permanent implant behind.


Drug-coated balloon DCB only In-stent restenosis Dual antiplatelet therapy 



Franz X. Kleber has received lecture fees and study grants from B. Braun. Harald Rittger has received speaker honoraria and study grants from B. Braun. Klaus Bonaventura has received lecture fees from B. Braun. Jochen Wöhrle has received lecture fees and study grants from B. Braun. Raban Jeger has received study grants from B. Braun and travel support from Medtronic, Biotronik, and B. Braun. Dieter Fischer has received lecture fees from B. Braun. Bruno Scheller has received lecture fees from B. Braun and Medtronic, travel support from Medtronic and B. Braun; he was named on a patent application of Charite university hospital, Berlin and is a shareholder of InnoRa GmbH, Berlin.


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