Clinical Research in Cardiology

, Volume 97, Issue 1, pp 1–11

Clinical Trial Updates and Hotline Sessions presented at the Scientific Session 2007 of the American heart association

  • Ulrich Laufs
  • Holger Nef
  • Helge Möllmann
  • Florian Custodis
  • Michael Böhm


This article provides information and commentaries on trials which were presented at Clinical Trial Updates and Hotline Sessions presented at the Scientific Sessions 2007 of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida. The comprehensive summaries have been generated from the oral presentations and the webcasts of the American Heart Association. Most reports have not been published as full papers and therefore have to be considered as preliminary data, as the analysis may change in the final publications. The following papers are discussed: TRITON TIMI-38, EVA-AMI, BRIEF-PCI, RACE, MASS Stent, HF-ART, STITCH, CORONA, ILLUMINATE, CORE-64, OAT Substudy, AFCHF, MASCOT, RETHINQ, MASTER I, POISE, COUMA-GEN, HIJ-CREATE, PROVIDENCE I, CAUSMIC, IC-BMC, IC/IM BMCs.

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  • Holger Nef
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  • Helge Möllmann
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  • Florian Custodis
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  • Michael Böhm
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