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Emergency surgery in colonic diverticulitis in an Asian population

  • Ker-Kan Tan
  • Jody Zhiyang Liu
  • Sharon Fengli Shen
  • Richard Sim
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Diverticulitis in Asians differs significantly from their Western counterparts in various aspects. This study was performed to highlight our institution’s surgical experiences in patients with diverticulitis. The secondary aim was to compare the patients who underwent surgery for right- and left-sided diverticulitis.


A retrospective review of all patients who underwent emergency surgery in patients with acute diverticulitis from July 2003 to April 2008 was performed. Right-sided pathology was regarded if it was located from the caecum till the transverse colon. Left-sided disease was regarded if it commenced from the splenic flexure.


The study group comprised of 104 patients, 68 (65.4%) of whom had right-sided diverticulitis. Caecum was the commonest site of disease, and the majority had only mild disease. In the 36 (34.6%) patients with left-sided diverticulitis, majority (63.8%) had an ASA score of three or four, with the sigmoid colon being the most common site of involvement. Most (91.7%) had worse peritoneal contamination with Hartmann’s procedure being performed in 22 (61.1%) patients. Worse peri-operative outcome was also seen in this group. After multivariate analysis, the independent factors for right-sided disease were younger age, lower ASA score and no necessity for stoma.


In an Asian population, surgery in right-sided diverticulitis is more commonly performed and is associated with lower morbidity and mortality. Patients who underwent surgery for right-sided diverticulitis were younger, with lower ASA score and less likely to have stoma created.


Emergency Surgery Diverticulitis Treatment outcome Asians 


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  • Ker-Kan Tan
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  • Jody Zhiyang Liu
    • 1
  • Sharon Fengli Shen
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  • Richard Sim
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