A retrospective clinicopathological analysis of appendiceal tumors from 3,744 appendectomies: a single-institution study

  • Won-Suk Lee
  • Sang Tae Choi
  • Jung Nam Lee
  • Keon Kug Kim
  • Yeon Ho Park
  • Jeong Heum Baek
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This study was conducted to describe the clinicopathological characteristics of appendiceal tumors and to evaluate their appropriate management.


Between September 2000 and September 2005, 28 appendiceal tumors were identified by a retrospective review of 3,744 appendectomies.


Twenty-eight patients were found to have appendiceal tumors (incidence, 0.7%).The largest single group of tumors were benign mucinous cystadenomas (50%); carcinoids (32.1%) were next, and they were followed by malignant tumors (17.9%). Four out of five patients who had malignant appendiceal tumors presented with periappendiceal abscess. None of the patients was correctly diagnosed preoperatively. One-stage curative resection was possible in more than 76% of the patients, and the rate of making the correct preoperative diagnosis was 35%.


Most appendiceal tumors presented with appendicitis and periappendiceal abscess. Appendiceal tumors should be included in the differential diagnosis when an unexpected appendiceal mass is encountered during appendectomy.


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  • Sang Tae Choi
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  • Jung Nam Lee
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  • Keon Kug Kim
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  • Yeon Ho Park
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  • Jeong Heum Baek
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