The role of preoperative imaging and tumor markers in predicting malignant ovarian masses in children

  • Guogang YeEmail author
  • Ting Xu
  • Jiangbin Liu
  • Weijue Xu
  • Zhibao Lv
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To investigate the clinicopathololgic characteristics and the predicting value of preoperative imaging and tumor markers in children with ovarian masses.


Patients admitted in Shanghai children’s hospital with ovary neoplasms between 2010.01 and 2015.12 were retrospectively analyzed. The medical records including age at operation, presentation of symptoms and signs, tumor marker, imaging, pathology, tumor diameter and surgical choice were reviewed. All data were analyzed using SPSS 17.0


A total of 139 patients were included, among which 116 were benign neoplasms and 23 malignant tumors. There was significance difference relation with the tumor diameter, character, torsion and tumor markers, but not the age, position, calculi, and symptoms. The risk factors include tumor diameters ≥ 10 cm, the odds ratio (OR) was 11, 95% confidence interval (CI) was 3–36, solid/complex tumor (OR 6, 95% CI 2, 14) and positive in tumor markers (OR 84, 95% CI 20, 345). Among the patients with benign neoplasms, 77 of them had laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy while 23 patients with malignant tumors had salpingo-oophorectomy and omentum resection.


Preoperative imaging and tumor markers could help identifying the malignant ovarian masses in children. If tumor diameter ≥ 10 cm, solid/complex in imaging and tumor markers abnormal, a radical resection is mandatory; otherwise, an ovarian-sparing surgery is recommended.


Ovarian mass Ovarian malignancy Children Preoperation 


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