Is fecal diversion necessary during ileal pouch creation after initial subtotal colectomy in pediatric ulcerative colitis?

  • Y. Julia Chen
  • Robert GrantEmail author
  • Erika Lindholm
  • Aaron Lipskar
  • Stephen Dolgin
  • Sergey Khaitov
  • Alexander Greenstein
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Pediatric patients with medically refractory ulcerative colitis (UC) often undergo an initial subtotal colectomy end ileostomy (STC-I). The role of fecal diversion in the subsequent completion proctectomy/ileal-pouch anal anastomosis (CP-IPAA) remains controversial.


A multi-institutional retrospective review was performed of pediatric UC patients who underwent an STC-I followed by CP-IPAA from 2008 to 2016. 37 patients were included [diverted (n = 20), undiverted (n = 17)].


Children who underwent undiverted CP-IPAA had a longer length of stay (days) compared to the diverted group (9, 6.5–13 vs. 6, 5–6, p = 0.002). The 30-day complication rate was significantly higher in the undiverted group (p = 0.003) although the difference in anastomotic leak, readmission rate, unplanned computer tomography use, and reoperation was not statistically significant. Three patients with undiverted CP-IPAA required additional surgery in the perioperative period for fecal diversion. The mean long-term follow-up was 25.68 ± 21.56 months. There were no significant differences in functional pouch outcomes.


Patients who underwent an undiverted CP-IPAA after initial STC-I had significantly more complications in the immediate postoperative period compared to diverted patients, although this did not translate into long-term differences in functional outcomes. Questions remain regarding careful patient selection and counseling for undiverted pouches in the pediatric UC population.


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