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, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp 759–762

Laparoscopic hernioplasties in children: the implication on contralateral groin exploration for unilateral inguinal hernias

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Inguinal hernias are commonly seen in the paediatric population. Controversies still exist regarding the need for contralateral groin exploration when an unilateral inguinal hernia is presented, since the true incidence of contralateral patent processus vaginalis is not known. With the advent of laparoscopic hernioplasty, the status of the contralateral side can be evaluated at the same setting. Here, we describe our experience in this issue after the introduction of laparoscopic hernioplasty in our unit.


A retrospective review was carried out between October 2002 and January 2008. All patients presented with unilateral inguinal hernias were included. The demographics of the patients and the operative findings at laparoscopy were recorded. Statistics were performed using Student t-test or χ2 test as appropriate and p < 0.05 was taken as statistically significant.


During the study period, 363 children were included in our study, of which there were 292 males and 71 females. 212 patients presented with right-sided hernias and 151 were left-sided. The mean age of patients at presentation was 48.8 months. The incidence of contralateral PPV overall was 39.7%. There was no decrease in incidence of having a contralateral inguinal hernia in relation to age.


Laparoscopy can accurately diagnose contralateral PPV in children who undergo unilateral inguinal hernia repair and thus holds an advantage over open herniotomy. Furthermore, there should not be an age criteria for contralateral exploration for surgeons who perform open herniotomy.


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  • Md. Toufique Ehsan
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  • A. T. L. Ng
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  • P. H. Y. Chung
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  • K. L. Chan
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  • K. K. Y. Wong
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  • P. K. H. Tam
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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryQueen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong KongHong KongChina
  2. 2.Department of Pediatric SurgeryHoly Family Red Crescent Medical College HospitalDhakaBangladesh

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