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Morio Kasai, MD, 1922–2008

  • Takeshi Miyano

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The renowned surgeon Dr. Morio Kasai, originator of the famous Kasai operation, was born in Aomori Prefecture, the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s main island, Honshu, on 29 September 1922 and, after a long and fruitful life, died on 6 December 2008, at the age of 86 years.

Dr. Kasai graduated from National Tohoku University School of Medicine in 1947. After having completed his internship of 1 year, he joined the 2nd Department of Surgery at Tohoku University School of Medicine. He quickly rose through the ranks, was appointed as Assistant Professor in 1953, and 7 years later became Associate Professor in 1960.

During this period, he spent 9 months (1959–1960) abroad at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania under the tutorage of Vice-Admiral Professor Charles Everett Koop, to thoroughly study pediatric surgery.

In 1963, Dr. Kasai became the Professor and Chief of the 2nd Department of Surgery at Tohoku University School of...


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