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Spinal angiolipoma—a rare but reversible cause of paraplegia in a child



Spinal angiolipomas are benign spinal epidural tumors consisting of mature fat cells with angiomatous components. These tumors are rare in children and there are no definite management guidelines.


To the best of our knowledge, only five cases of spinal angiolipomas have been reported in children below 12 years. This article discusses the presentation, diagnostics, and surgical tips for the management of a case of spinal angiolipoma.


In this paper, we present a one and half-year-old child presenting with a spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma from a spinal angiolipoma and underscore the importance of early surgery in a benign disease for a good outcome.


Overall neurological recovery and prognosis following timely intervention for spinal angiolipomas are good.

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