Giant cell tumor of the eleventh thoracic vertebra in a pediatric patient: an interesting case report and comprehensive literature review

  • Kadir Oktay
  • Ebru Guzel
  • Serkan Simsek
  • Aslan Guzel
Case Report



Giant cell tumors of the mobile spinal column are very rare tumors, especially in the pediatric age group. Although they are benign tumors, they have locally aggressive growth pattern and high risk of recurrence.

Case presentation

We report a 15-year-old female patient with thoracic giant cell tumor who underwent percutaneous vertebroplasty and had cement extravasation into the spinal canal. Because of the deterioration of the patient’s neurological condition, total enbloc spondylectomy and cement excision were performed. She underwent instrumentation and fusion procedures in order to prevent spinal instability.


The main purpose of the treatment is gross total resection of the giant cell tumor. However, adjuvant methods such as denosumab should be added to the treatment protocol in patients who are older than 2 years old and can not undergo gross total resection due to tumor size and anatomic localization.


Giant cell tumor Pediatric Mobile spinal column Spondylectomy Vertebroplasty Cement extravasation 


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