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Subdural empyema due to Salmonella paratyphi B in an infant: a case report and review of literature

  • Vijai Williams
  • Keshavamurthy Mysore Lakshmikantha
  • Karthi NallasamyEmail author
  • K. C. Sudeep
  • Arun Kumar Baranwal
  • Muralidharan Jayashree
Case Report


Intracranial infection due to Salmonella is uncommon in children. Subdural empyema (SDE) is described with Salmonella typhi as a complication of meningitis. We report a 6-month-old infant with SDE secondary to Salmonella paratyphi B who had presented with prolonged fever and enlarging head. A literature review of Salmonella SDE in infants with respect to clinical course and outcome is presented.


Subdural empyema Salmonella Infants Complicated meningitis Paratyphi B 


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  • Vijai Williams
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  • Keshavamurthy Mysore Lakshmikantha
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  • Karthi Nallasamy
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    Email author
  • K. C. Sudeep
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  • Arun Kumar Baranwal
    • 1
  • Muralidharan Jayashree
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  1. 1.Division of Pediatric Critical Care, Department of Pediatrics, Advanced Pediatrics CentrePGIMERChandigarhIndia

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