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Scalp dermoids: a review of their anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment

  • Edward P. Sorenson
  • Jennifer E. Powel
  • Curtis J. Rozzelle
  • R. Shane Tubbs
  • Marios Loukas
Review Paper



Scalp dermoid cysts are subcutaneous sacs lined with a stratified squamous epithelium containing developmentally mature ectodermal tissues, including skin, hair follicles, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands.


Because they consist of developmentally mature tissues, scalp dermoid cysts are generally benign. Typically, cysts are limited to an extracranial location, and management generally involves simple surgical resection.


Because of the potential for intracranial and/or intradural extension associated with some scalp dermoids, however, a comprehensive clinical evaluation incorporating MRI and CT imaging is included in the diagnostic process.


Dermoid cyst Scalp pathology Skin neoplasms Cyst 


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  • Jennifer E. Powel
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  • Curtis J. Rozzelle
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  • R. Shane Tubbs
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  • Marios Loukas
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  1. 1.Department of Anatomical Sciences, School of MedicineSt. George’s UniversitySt. GeorgeGrenada
  2. 2.Pediatric Neurosurgery, Children’s HospitalBirminghamUSA

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