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Successful vascular decompression in an 11-year-old patient with trigeminal neuralgia

  • A. SolthEmail author
  • N. Veelken
  • J. Gottschalk
  • E. Goebell
  • R. Pothmann
  • P. Kremer
Case Report


Case report

We present the case of an 11-year-old boy who was suffering distinct trigeminal neuralgia. At the age of 3 years, the patient had contracted a severe Epstein–Barr virus infection and developed mild meningoencephalitis. Magnetic resonance imaging scans showed a slight enhancement in the pontomesencephalic cistern as well as a neurovascular conflict at the right trigeminal nerve. Intraoperatively, thickened fibrous tissue was found that was attached to both the trigeminal nerve and the superior cerebellar artery. Microvascular decompression using Gore Tex as tissue implant brought immediate relief.


Trigeminal neuralgia in pediatric patients is very rare. We present a case of typical trigeminal neuralgia in a child, demonstrating the pathogenesis of the neurovascular conflict due to subarachnoidal adhesions after meningoencephalitis.


Trigeminal neuralgia Microvascular decompression Children Subarachnoidal adhesions Neurovascular conflict Epstein–Barr virus Pontomesencephalic cistern 


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  • J. Gottschalk
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  • E. Goebell
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  • R. Pothmann
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  • P. Kremer
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