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Hamiltonian Cycles in Normal Cayley Graphs

  • Juan José Montellano-Ballesteros
  • Anahy Santiago ArguelloEmail author
Original Paper


It has been conjecture that every finite connected Cayley graph contains a hamiltonian cycle. Given a finite group G and a connection set S, the Cayley graph Cay(GS) will be called normal if for every \(g\in G\) we have that \(g^{-1}Sg = S\). In this paper we present some conditions on the order of the elements of the connexion set which imply the existence of a hamiltonian cycle in the graph and we construct it in an explicit way.


Cayley graph Hamiltonian cycle Normal connection set 

Mathematics Subject Classification

05C45 05C99 



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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAMMexico CityMexico

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