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Incremental Voronoi sets for instant stippling

  • Lei MaEmail author
  • Yanyun Chen
  • Yinling Qian
  • Hanqiu Sun
Original Article


This paper presents a fast digital stippling algorithm, which makes a fair balance on result quality and computational efficiency. The algorithm is based on precomputed blue noise point sets constructed by incremental Voronoi sets (IVS) and a real-time parallelized rejection strategy. The proposed technique is readily extended to generate multi-tone-level or multi-nib-size stippling results of increased pleasure visual impressions with smooth tone transition. The IVS can also be regressed to generate blue noise masks for digital halftoning.


Real-time Stippling Multi-tones Voronoi 



This study is funded by UGC (Grant number 4055060), joint NSFC grants (no. 61379087, 61602183).

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We declare that we have no conflict of interest to this work.

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