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SimLocator: robust locator of similar objects in images

  • Yan Kong
  • Weiming DongEmail author
  • Xing Mei
  • Xiaopeng Zhang
  • Jean-Claude Paul
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Similar objects commonly appear in natural images, and locating and cutting out these objects can be tedious when using classical interactive image segmentation methods. In this paper, we propose SimLocator, a robust method oriented to locate and cut out similar objects with minimum user interaction. After extracting an arbitrary object template from the input image, candidate locations of similar objects are roughly detected by distinguishing the shape and color features of each image. A novel optimization method is then introduced to select accurate locations from the two sets of candidates. Additionally, a matting-based method is used to improve the results and to ensure that all similar objects are located in the image. Finally, a method based on alpha matting is utilized to extract the precise object contours. To ensure the performance of the matting operation, this work has developed a new method for foreground extraction. Experiments show that SimLocator is more robust and more convenient to use compared to other more advanced repetition detection and interactive image segmentation methods, in terms of locating similar objects in images.


Similar objects Object descriptor Object matching Stable locations Contour extraction 



We thank anonymous reviewers for their valuable input. We thank Fuzhang Wu for making some Dual-Bound results. We thank the flickr members who kindly share their images under Creative Commons License: Bestfriend (tea cups), RenateEurope (purple flowers), acaffery (balloons), Luko Gecko (fish school), Bold Huang (petunia), Swami Stream (chocolate cake). We thank the users of who have shared their images through public domain: Ricky Marek (pomegranates), Nitin Prabhudesai (dandelions), Joram Huyben (green lanterns). We also thank the users of who have put the media in their spaces: Gus’s Mom (panda cakes), Rhonda E. Peterson (meatballs), Cindy Loo (fried balls). The two fruit cake images are borrowed from [10]. This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China under project Nos. 61172104, 61271430, 61201402 and 61202324, by Beijing Natural Science Foundation (Content Aware Image Synthesis and its Applications, No. 4112061), and by SRF for ROCS, SEM.


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  • Weiming Dong
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  • Xing Mei
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  • Xiaopeng Zhang
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  • Jean-Claude Paul
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  1. 1.LIAMA-NLPR, Institute of AutomationChinese Academy of SciencesBeijingChina
  2. 2.Project CADINRIAParisFrance

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