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Real-time adaptive fluid simulation with complex boundaries

  • Jian He
  • Xi Chen
  • Zhangye WangEmail author
  • Chen Cao
  • He Yan
  • Qunsheng Peng
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In this paper, we present a new adaptive model for real-time fluid simulation with complex boundaries based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) framework. Firstly, we introduce an adaptive SPH framework that is based on our character field function composed of four factors: geometrical complexity, boundary condition, physical complexity, and complementary condition in terms of the neighboring particle number. Meanwhile, the rule for particle adaptation is presented. We also present a two-step method to fast detect collision with complex boundary. The first step is voxelization on the complex scene. In the second step, based on the result of voxelization, we propose a three-phase method to fast detect collisions between complex boundaries and particles. By using this method, we avoid most of the useless intersection detection computation and greatly enhance the computation efficiency. In addition, a subdivision of boundary is precomputed before the collision interaction method so that fluid in a scene with complex boundary can still be simulated at relatively high speed and system stability risk is reduced greatly. To further accelerate the simulation, a highly parallel fluid algorithm is presented and implemented using GPU so that we can simulate dynamic fluid with mutual interaction between fluid and complex boundary at a considerably fast speed without compromising realism.


Nonsingle resolution SPH Physical-based simulation Complex boundary Fluid-boundary interaction 


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  • Jian He
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  • Xi Chen
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  • Zhangye Wang
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    Email author
  • Chen Cao
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  • He Yan
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  • Qunsheng Peng
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