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Fabric of gas hydrate in sediments from Hydrate Ridge—results from ODP Leg 204 samples



Drilling on Hydrate Ridge, offshore Oregon, during ODP Leg 204 enabled us to investigate fabrics of gas hydrate samples in a wide depth range of the gas hydrate stability zone (GHSZ). X-ray computerized tomographic imaging on whole-round samples, frozen in liquid nitrogen, revealed that layered gas hydrate structures are related to variable processes occurring at different sediment depths. Shallow gas hydrates often form layers parallel or sub-parallel to bedding and also crosscut sedimentary strata and other gas hydrate layers, destroying the original depositional fabric. The dynamic processes interacting with this complicated plumbing system in this shallow environment are responsible for such highly variable gas hydrate fabrics. Gas hydrate layers deeper in the sediments are most often dipping with various angles, and are interpreted as gas hydrate precipitates filling tectonic fractures. These originally open fractures are potential candidates for free gas transportation, and might explain why free gas can rapidly emanate from below the bottom-simulating reflector through the GHSZ to the seafloor.

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