Hypotrochoid spiral optimization approach for sizing and layout optimization of truss structures with multiple frequency constraints

  • A. KavehEmail author
  • S. Mahjoubi
Original Article


The primary aim of this article is to present a new improved version of the spiral optimization algorithm (SPO) for shape and size optimization of truss structures under multiple frequency constraints. In the proposed method, which is named as hypotrochoid spiral optimization algorithm (HSPO), the movement operation of search points is redesigned, and mechanisms are utilized to boost the potency of the method in escaping from local optima and improving the accuracy of the results. Furthermore, a meta-optimization approach is developed by hybridizing the particle swarm optimization and the proposed technique for finding optimal parameter settings of the presented method. Thereafter, exploration and exploitation abilities of HSPO and SPO are compared by solving five benchmark design problems. Numerical results indicate that the convergence speed is enhanced, especially in the exploitation phase of the HSPO. The optimum designs found by the improved version are highly competitive with the best solutions reported in the literature.


Meta-heuristic algorithms Hypotrochoid spiral optimization Sizing and layout optimization of truss structures Frequency constraints 



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