A localized RBF-MLPG method and its application to elliptic PDEs

  • Mansour Safarpoor
  • Fariba Takhtabnoos
  • Ahmad ShirzadiEmail author
Original Article


The existing local RBF methods use the strong form equation and approximate the solution in local subdomains instead of the whole domain. In the RBF-MLPG method, the unknown solution is approximated by RBFs in the whole domain and testing is done by constructing the weak-form equations over the local subdomains. This paper proposes to approximate the unknown solution locally in the RBF-MLPG method, i.e., in the localized RBF-MLPG method, both solution approximation and testing are treated locally. As a result, the final global matrix becomes sparser and more accurate solutions can be obtained. The method is applied for the numerical solution of elliptic PDEs. The comparison of the results demonstrates the effectiveness of the method.


Local meshless methods RBF-MLPG Radial basis functions Elliptic PDEs 



The authors would like to express their thankfulness to the anonymous referees whose constructive comments improved the quality of this paper. Financial support from the research council of Persian Gulf University is greatly acknowledged.


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  • Mansour Safarpoor
    • 1
  • Fariba Takhtabnoos
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  • Ahmad Shirzadi
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