Constructive Approximation

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Exponential Asymptotics of the Mittag—Leffler Function



The Stokes lines/curves are identified for the Mittag—Leffler function
$$ E_{\alpha, \beta}(z)=\sum^{\infty}_{n=0}\frac{z^n}{\Gamma(\alpha n+\beta)},\qquad\mathop{\rm Re}\nolimits \:\alpha > 0. $$
When α is not real, it is found that the Stokes curves are spirals. Away from the Stokes lines/curves, exponentially improved uniform asymptotic expansions are obtained. Near the Stokes lines/curves, Berry-type smooth transitions are achieved via the use of the complementary error function.
Key words. Mittag—Leffler function, Stokes lines/curves, Exponential asymptotics, Berry-type smooth transition. AMS Classification. Primary 41A60; Secondary 33E12. 


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