Correction to: Feedforward discharges couple the singing central pattern generator and ventilation central pattern generator in the cricket abdominal central nervous system

  • Stefan Schöneich
  • Berthold HedwigEmail author
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Correction to: Journal of Comparative Physiology A (2019) 205:881–895

The authors listed the following reference:

Burrows M (1996) Breathing. In: Burrows M (ed) The neurobiology of an insect brain, chap 12. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp 563–596

M. Burrows is the sole author of the book, an editor was not involved. The reference should read:

Burrows M (1996) Chapter 12: Breathing. In: The neurobiology of an insect brain. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp 563-596

The authors apologise for citing incorrectly.


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