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Adult neurogenesis in the brain of the Mozambique tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

  • Magda C. Teles
  • Ruxandra F. Sîrbulescu
  • Ursula M. Wellbrock
  • Rui F. Oliveira
  • Günther K. H. Zupanc
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Although the generation of new neurons in the adult nervous system (‘adult neurogenesis’) has been studied intensively in recent years, little is known about this phenomenon in non-mammalian vertebrates. Here, we examined the generation, migration, and differentiation of new neurons and glial cells in the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus), a representative of one of the largest vertebrate taxonomic orders, the perciform fish. The vast majority of new cells in the brain are born in specific proliferation zones of the olfactory bulb; the dorsal and ventral telencephalon; the periventricular nucleus of the posterior tuberculum, optic tectum, and nucleus recessi lateralis of the diencephalon; and the valvula cerebelli, corpus cerebelli, and lobus caudalis of the cerebellum. As shown in the olfactory bulb and the lateral part of the valvula cerebelli, some of the young cells migrate from their site of origin to specific target areas. Labeling of mitotic cells with the thymidine analog 5-bromo-2′-deoxyuridine, combined with immunostaining against the neuron-specific marker protein Hu or against the astroglial marker glial fibrillary acidic protein demonstrated differentiation of the adult-born cells into both neurons and glia. Taken together, the present investigation supports the hypothesis that adult neurogenesis is an evolutionarily conserved vertebrate trait.


Teleosts Perciformes Olfactory bulb Hippocampus Cerebellum 



Anterior thalamic nucleus


Anterior commissure


Olfactory bulb


Glomerular layer of the olfactory bulb


Granular layer of the olfactory bulb


Blood vessel


Crista cerebellaris


Corpus cerebelli


Granular layer of corpus cerebelli


Molecular layer of corpus cerebelli


Central nucleus of the inferior lobe


Horizontal commissure


Corpus mamillare


Central posterior thalamic nucleus


Ventral rhombencephalic commissure


Dorsal telencephalon


Anterior part of the dorsal telencephalon


Dorsocentral telencephalon


Anterior subdivision of the dorsal central telencephalon


Dorsal part of the anterior subdivision of the dorsocentral telencephalon


Medial subdivision of the dorsocentral telencephalon


Dorsal division of the dorsal telencephalon


Nucleus diffusus lateralis of the inferior lobe


Dorsal subdivision of nucleus diffusus lateralis of the inferior lobe


Ventral subdivision of nucleus diffusus lateralis of the inferior lobe


Nucleus diffusus medialis of the inferior lobe


Dorsolateral telencephalon


Anterior subdivision of the dorsolateral telencephalon


Dorsal subdivision of the dosolateral telencephalon


Posterior subdivision of the dorsolateral telencephalon


Ventral subdivision of the dorsolateral telencephalon


Dorsomedial telencephalon


Anterior subdivision of the dorsomedial telencephalon


Dorsal part of the dorsal subdivision of the dorsomedial telencephalon


Ventral part of the dorsal subdivision of the dorsomedial telencephalon


Ventral subdivision of the dorsomedial telencephalon


Dorsal part of the ventral subdivision of the dorsomedial telencephalon


Ventral part of the ventral subdivision of the dorsomedial telencephalon


Dorsal posterior thalamic nucleus


Posterior part of dorsal telencephalon


Eminentia granularis


Glomerular nucleus


Central gray




Ventral zone of the periventricular hypothalamus


Inferior lobe of the hypothalamus


Dorsolateral subdivision of the inferior lobe of the hypothalamus


Ventromedial subdivision of the inferior lobe of the hypothalamus


Interpeduncular nucleus


Lobus caudalis


Granular layer of the lobus caudalis


Lateral hypothalamic nucleus


Lobus facialis


Lobus vagi


Medial longitudinal fascicle


Molecular layer


Nucleus oculomotorius


Nucleus recessi lateralis


Lateral part of the nucleus recessi lateralis


Medial part of the nucleus recessi lateralis


Nucleus recessi posterioris


Descending trigeminal nucleus


Nucleus X (unidentified nucleus located between tOv and DFld)


Preoptic region


Medial part of the preglomerular nucleus


Periventricular preoptic nucleus


Anterior part of the periventricular preoptic nucleus


Medial part of the periventricular preoptic nucleus


Posterior part of the periventricular preoptic nucleus


Recessus lateralis


Recessus posterioris


Rhombencephalic ventricle


Suprachiasmatic nucleus


Nucleus anterior tuberis


Optic tectum


Tertiary gustatory nucleus


Lateral part of the tertiary gustatory nucleus


Medial part of the tertiary gustatory nucleus


Torus longitudinalis


Torus lateralis


Inferior subdivision of the torus lateralis


Optic tract


Tractus opticus dorsalis


Medial part of the olfactory tract


Tractus opticus ventralis


Nucleus of the posterior tuberculum


Periventricular nucleus of the posterior tuberculum


Torus semicircularis


Tractus tecto-bulbaris


Ventral telencephalon




Lateral part of valvula cerebelli


Granular layer of the lateral part of valvula cerebelli


Molecular layer of the lateral part of the valvula cerebelli


Medial part of valvula cerebelli


Granular layer of the medial part of the valvula cerebelli


Molecular layer of the medial part of the valvula cerebelli


Dorsal part of the ventral telencephalon


Ventrolateral rhombencephalon


Ventromedial thalamic nucleus


Supracommissural part of the ventral telencephalon


Medial part of the ventral subdivision of the ventral telencephalon



We thank Iulian Ilieş for helpful comments on a previous version of the manuscript. This study was funded by Tönjes-Vagt-Stiftung and Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (to G.K.H.Z.); Gabinete de Relações Internacionais da Ciência e do Ensino Superior German-Portuguese exchange grant and Fundação Portuguesa para a Ciência e a Tecnologia research grant # PTDC/PSI/71811/2006 (to R.F.O.); and Ph.D.fellowship # SFRH/BD/44848/2008 (to M.C.T.). All experiments were carried out in accordance with the relevant law, the Deutsches Tierschutzgesetz of 1998.


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  • Ruxandra F. Sîrbulescu
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  • Ursula M. Wellbrock
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  • Rui F. Oliveira
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  • Günther K. H. Zupanc
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  2. 2.Champalimaud Neuroscience ProgrammeInstituto Gulbenkian de CiênciaOeirasPortugal
  3. 3.School of Engineering and ScienceJacobs University BremenBremenGermany
  4. 4.Department of BiologyNortheastern UniversityBostonUSA

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