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Subsonic jet aeroacoustics: associating experiment, modelling and simulation

Review Article


An overview of jet noise research is presented wherein the principal movements in the field are traced since its beginnings. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of our understanding of what we call a “source mechanism” in free shear flows; to the theoretical, experimental and numerical studies which have nurtured this understanding; and to the currently unresolved conceptual difficulties which render analysis of experimental and numerical data so difficult. As it is clear that accelerated progress in this field of research can be made possible by a more effective synergy between the theoretical, experimental and numerical disciplines—one which draws in particular on the impressive recent progress in experimental and numerical techniques—we endeavour to elucidate the various “source” characteristics identified by these different means of study; the points on which the studies agree or disagree, and the significance of such accord or discord; and, the new analysis possibilities which can now be realised by effectively associating experiment, modelling and simulation.


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