Is time from diagnosis to radical prostatectomy associated with oncological outcomes?

  • Kirsti AasEmail author
  • Sophie Dorothea Fosså
  • Rune Kvåle
  • Bjørn Møller
  • Tor Åge Myklebust
  • Ljiljana Vlatkovic
  • Stig Müller
  • Viktor Berge
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To study the association between time from diagnosis to radical prostatectomy (RP-interval) and prostate cancer-specific mortality (PCSM), histological findings in the RP-specimen and failure after RP (RP-failure).


Patients diagnosed with non-metastatic prostate cancer (PCa) in 2001–2010 and prostatectomized within 180 days of biopsy were identified in the Cancer Registry of Norway and the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry. Patients were stratified according to risk groups and RP-intervals of 0–60, 61–90, 91–120 and 121–180 days. Aalen-Johansen and Kaplan–Meier methods estimated curves for PCSM, RP-failure and overall mortality. Multivariable Cox regressions and Chi-square tests were used to evaluate the impact of RP-interval on outcomes.


In 5163 eligible patients, the median time from diagnosis to RP was 93 days (range 1–180). Risk group distribution was similar in all RP-interval groups. With almost eight years of observation, no association was found between RP-interval and PCSM in the intermediate-or high-risk groups. Increasing RP-interval did not increase the rate of adverse histological outcomes or incidence of RP-failure.


Increasing RP-interval up to 180 days was not associated with adverse oncological outcomes at eight years follow-up. These findings should be considered when planning for prostatectomy.


Mortality Outcomes Prostate cancer Radical prostatectomy Timing 



We would like to thank the Norwegian Cancer Society (Fund no. 5781243), the Radium Hospital Foundation (Project no. 335007) and the Vestre Viken Hospital Trust (Project no. 2503002) for financial support.

Author contributions

KA: Protocol/project development, Data collection or management, Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing. SDF: Protocol/project development, Data collection or management, Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing. RK: Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing. BM: Protocol/project development, Data collection or management, Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing. TÅM: Data collection or management, Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing. LV: Data collection or management, Manuscript writing/editing. SM: Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing. VB: Protocol/project development, Data analysis, Manuscript writing/editing.


This study was funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society (Fund no. 5781243), the Radium Hospital Foundation (Project no. 335007) and the Vestre Viken Hospital Trust (Project no. 2503002).

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Prostate cancer-specific mortality (left) and overall mortality (right) in patients diagnosed with non-metastatic prostate cancer according to year of diagnosis (2001-07 vs 2008-10). PCa: prostate cancer (PDF 64 kb)


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