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Ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy: technologic advancements

  • B. Alexander
  • A. I. Fishman
  • M. Grasso
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Ureteroscopic lithotripsy has evolved since the first reported cases employing rigid rod-lens endoscopes and stiff ultrasonic lithotrites. Fiber optics facilitated rigid endoscope miniaturization and the development of a steerable, deflectable flexible ureteroscopes. Over 30 years of technical innovations culminating in digital imagers and powerful, precise laser lithotrites, complimented by progressive endoscopic techniques have produced efficient endoscopic therapies with minimal morbidity and commonly performed in an outpatient setting.


Ureteroscopy Laser lithotripsy Flexible ureteroscope Digital ureteroscope Ureteral stone Lower pole stone 


Conflict of interest

Dr. Michael Grasso serves as a consultant to Karl Storz Endoscopy.


Dr. Michael Grasso serves as a consultant to Karl Storz Endoscopy.

Ethical standard

The manuscript does not contain clinical studies or patient data.


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